Fulbeck desk by Linley is made from 400-year-old walnut rescued from 2007 flood

Linley Fulbeck Desk Crafted From 400-Year-Old Walnut Tree

Previously, we brought to you the Equus desk, Silhouette copper chair, and Classic Director’s chair from the house of famous British bespoke furniture maker David Linley. The latest creation from Linley has a unique design and story to tell.

The Fulbeck desk is made from a 400-year-old walnut tree rescued from the devastating UK floods in 2007. An appealing brushed brass plate embedded in the center of the desk is intricately hand-engraved by one of the world’s finest shotgun engraver Dr. Malcolm Appleby.

The Linley design team carefully refurbished the rescued lumber and transformed it into a classic furniture piece that will last another 400 years. It is designed with the purpose to enhance collaborative working in a modern office environment.

Three secret drawers lined in claret Connolly Vaumol leather provide space for internal storage. Due to its interesting design, its body appears to be floating over the finely-crafted legs. As per the manufacturer, it has charging points to charge the built-in battery for using it as a standalone unit during meetings.

The checkered detailing on the ends of the body and legs is inspired by the stock of a shotgun. The desk is a subtle combination of vintage and modern intricacy. It is a perfect furniture piece for those who love guns and fancy wooden collectibles.

If you wish to buy one, it is available for purchase at Linley for a whopping £75,000 (US$97613).

Fulbeck desk by Linley is made from 400-year-old walnut rescued from 2007 flood

Made from a 400-year-old walnut tree

400-year-old walnut

Nicely-crafted legs

400-year-old walnut

Detailing inspired by the finishing touches in gun-making

Hand-engraved brass plate divides the desk from the center

Fulbeck desk by Linley is made from 400-year-old walnut rescued from 2007 flood

Fulbeck desk by David Linley is subtle fusion of woodworking and metal sculpting

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