Full-size foldable foosball table for unlimited fun


After the regular foosball tables, make way for a foldable foosball table that you can easily stock away in a closet or in the corner of a room when not in use. Made from birch with durable plastic trim, the foosball table features eight metal control rods that are perfect for that fluid movement or those traditional rollovers. Good to accommodate up to four players, the foosball table has a lovely laminated playing surface and beveled sides that rebound both plastic and cork balls with same precision. Measuring 47″ L x 33″ W x 31 1/2″ H and weighing 58lbs the table’s legs unlock and fold inwards towards the underneath of the playing surface of the table to be stored away easily in an upright position. Full-size foldable foosball table is priced at $399, any takers?

Via: Hammacher

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