Submerged turntable by Evan Holmes

Fully-functional submerged turntable for endless music underwater

Submerged turntable by Evan Holmes

While we don’t recommend you to submerge your music player into the tub or pool, unless it of course comes with the strict inscription “water resistant”, we would certain request your thoughts on this one of its kind submerged turntable. Yes, submerged turntable created by sculptor Evan Holm. On display at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, this thrilling record player plays your favorite vinyl from right under the water, a sight which appeals to both the eyes and the heart.

The completely functional music player has been well sealed, so it can easily go underwater, play you the music you desire and come back ashore without any damage to the equipment. For all art and music appreciators, here’s a video of how the submerged turntable works. Click here to see the making.

Via: Colossal/TrendHunter

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