Fully recyclable Dan Goldstein’s Re-Ply Chair is made from cardboard

I was very fond of origami in my childhood and then grew up to see functional furniture made from paper and cardboard, always wondering how they do it. Now, here is another twist to the furniture made from cardboard (and I am more bewildered) brought about by designer Dan Goldstein in his sturdy minimalist reclining chair called the Re-Ply. The chair design employs a very new patent-pending molding technique, which helps four layers of cardboard to be shaped into a strong and comfortable shell for the chair. Don explains “Boxes are collected, stacked, cut, and laminated into a completely new type of chair.”

Hand made in San Francisco, the Re-Ply is a really artistic reclining chair, we say this because the chair attaches the seat to the metal base with a pair of bolts. These bolts also make sure the chair can gently rock – all in move fine move – making the chair more comfortable and productive from most static chairs out there. The Re-Ply chair besides cardboard also uses steel rod, felt and fiberboard which make it entirely recyclable and very low on environmental impact. Slated for production the Re-Ply is on Kickstarter, pledge $190 and you can have a Re-Ply delivered with blue and reflective metal base.

Via: MocoLoco/Inhabitat

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