Kepler Pendant Lamp by Arihiro Miyake-2

Fun and stylish Mobius Strip-inspired lamp by Arihiro Miyake

Kepler Pendant Lamp by designer Arihiro Miyake has been created to be a statement piece in your home, besides being a functional lighting fixture. Featuring an endless line made from aluminum, the Mobius strip-inspired has been created for manufacturer NEMO.

Designed using an arithmetic of the Mobius ribbons, the sculptural lamp looks like a 3D light object, illuminating any given space with its curvy form. To create a soft glow, the pendant lamp includes linear LED lights, on the other hand, the epoxy-coated aluminum in a matte white or black adds up to its aesthetic appeal.

So far, we’ve seen many differently designed lighting fixtures as well as light switches – from smartphone-controlled fixtures to sensor-laden light bulbs. But this Mobius lamp offers a more delightful twist to light up your home.

It’s pleasantly remarkable with a fun and unique touch. Find out more about Kepler pendant lamp on NEMO’s official website.

Kepler Pendant Lamp by Arihiro Miyake-2

Kepler Pendant Lamp by Arihiro Miyake

Kepler Pendant Lamp by Arihiro Miyake-1

Made using Mobius ribbons

Via: Contemporist

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