Furniture designed to boost your child’s sensory intelligence

Tink Things’, a Kids’ brand has designed furniture series to boost your child’s sensory intelligence. It’s a proven fact now that a child’s interaction with space, movement and play largely influence growth & development, concentration and learning ability. While designing this series designers have considered various sensory requirement of a child and used therapeutic principles to shape a comfortable surroundings for him.

The collection features ‘Mia and Ika chairs and Cufi Table.’ which positively affect any child’s growth pattern, once they start interacting with them. They are enjoyable, cozy and so well designed that they don’t look like a therapeutic equipment from any angle.

Mia Chair

Mia Chair is mainly meant for children who are sensory sensitive and need some private space and soothing to perform in a group. The non-fixed fabric upholstery aids a child in concentration by soft rocking motion and calming by providing deep pressure soothing. If still a child feels the need of some more isolation, the chair has a sheathable hood, which a child can use to pull-up and make cocoon for themselves.

Cufi Table

It is a workbench that makes sitting, learning and listening easier, as it is a fun furniture for all children. It provides shorter seeing angles due to its adjustable tabletop, and offers comfortable posture for a child when he/she is writing, drawing and reading. The tabletop also serves as a write and erase whiteboard.

Ika Chair

Ika Chair is meant for children who require lot of stimulation, and are either hyper active or submissive in their reaction towards their surroundings. Its seat is primarily designed as a swing that keeps on rocking and bouncing. This motion of the chair boosts concentration and memory in kids, who need some kind of stimuli to perform well.  

This kind of furniture can be used in homes, as well as in elementary school. Kids will definitely benefit a lot from it, apart from all the fun they will be drawing out of it.  

Kids furniture by Tink Things

Ika chairs for you kid

Kids furniture by Tink Things

New range of furniture series

Kids furniture by Tink Things

Cufi Table

Kids furniture by Tink Things

Mia Chair will make your child smart

Kids furniture by Tink Things

For better concentration

Kids furniture by Tink Things

Can form a cocoon by pulling-up the hood

Kids furniture by Tink Things

Children will love to interact with the furniture

Kids furniture by Tink Things

Kids furniture by Tink Things

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