Furniture made from reclaimed wood

Furniture made from reclaimed wood maintains its naturalistic appeal

As the trend goes, reclaimed wood oriented products are embellished beyond any point of their originally naturalistic identity. In contrast, the fascinating design language of the above pictured hand crafted furniture project treads the more bolder path by celebrating the true essence of natural wood. The remarkable result is the showcasing of the authenticity of collected pine logs that were resourcefully converted into fully usable tables and chairs for your very own avant garde home decor.

These naturalistic furniture items were ‘shaped’ into their credible forms by utilization pretty rudimentary tools like an ax, chisel and a wooden hammer. Of course, the support components like the legs of the chair, or the cantilevered counters of the table were artificially contrived. In fact, the designers tout this design antithesis of natural and artificial materials to be symbolic of the contrast between the organic and industrial. This in turn allows for an interesting fusion of urban and vernacular elements, thus giving more visual weight to the furniture set in question.

Via: DesignBoom

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