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FurzoToasto electric knife toasts bread as it slices

FurzoToasto electric knife toasts bread as it slices

To save our time most of us buy already sliced bread to easily put these into a toaster every morning without any delay. But toasters cannot evenly griddle each slice, leaving you with improperly prepared toasts. However, the FurzoToasto is a revolutionary way to get rid of all your breakfast woes.

Built by crazy British inventor Colin Furze, FurzoToasto is an electric knife that toasts while cutting a bread slice. The knife uses a modified microwave transformer for passing electric current to the knife’s blade. This particular blade further heats bread, forming crisp toasts while cutting bread loaf. Now you can buy unsliced bread loaf and prepare breakfast without any hassle.

In case you’ve got already sliced bread, then you simply need to rake the knife across the bread to toast it evenly. With this inventive electric knife-cum-toaster, your future breakfasts will be as effortless as walking in the park. Check out Furze’s video (given below) to create your own knife toaster.

Via: Neatorama

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