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Futureproof home by Esh Group

Futureproof home creates and sells surplus electricity to National Grid

We have seen few stunning net zero-energy houses that consume less energy than it produce. But what if your house could help you make money by selling electricity to the National Grid? UK-based developers Esh Group are planning to build such low-carbon ‘futureproof’ social housing that is able to generate energy on their own.

The company is working with Northumberland County Council to provide these futureproof home designs that can create surplus electricity to be sold to the National Grid. These houses are equipped with sustainable materials, no-heat costing photo voltaic panels, rain water harvesting system, etc.

These houses are incorporated with a ‘climate shield’ that keeps heat inside the house, thus regulate temperature of the house. The Future Proof Home can potentially run at zero-energy cost for producing more energy than it consumes. This energy-efficient home has been showcased at Ideal Home Show in London, offering a revolutionary solution for future homes.

Credit: TheJournal

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