Futuristic Aria Radiator by Scirocco has a pure design to show

Aria Radiator by Scirocco

To help you save considerably on energy usage both in summers and winters, the Aria Radiator is designed by Franca Lucarelli and Bruna Rapisarda for Scirocco. The sleek and modern radiator, which resembles an attractive fan at first, is made to keep the home warm at minimum power consumption. The futuristic-looking Aria Radiator is wall-mounted panel which can be placed anywhere in the house as it goes with all kinds of home interiors.

Aria Radiator by Scirocco

Designed to let user enjoy heat in an all new way, the Aria Radiator is a modern heater with extra warm influence in the house. Being both functional and artistic the Aria Radiator blends well the genius of industrial design with the beauty of domestic fashion to provide a decorative radiator for use in winters.

Aria Radiator by Scirocco

Source: Scirocco Via: Deconiche

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