Fuut Desk Foot Rest

Fuut is under-table hammock for your feet to adjust comfortably

Sitting on your chair in one position whole day is not possible; you often sit crossed legged or in stretched out legs position for making yourself more comfortable. Now, all thanks to Fuut Desk Foot Rest you won’t have to struggle into various sitting postures or pull out an extra chair for relaxing your feet. Fuut is basically an under-table hammock designed especially for your feet so you can sit back comfortably with your feet up. It is an idyllic accessory for anyone who spends lot of time working at a table.

Fuut Desk Foot Rest

This tiny foot hammock has ropes on its either side with metallic clips on both ends. These metallic clips clamp on under table frame of any desk for resting your feet. The ropes also helps in adjusting length of the foot hammock, using these ropes you can lower its position while working or keep it a bit higher when relaxing on your chair.

Fuut Desk Foot Rest

With the help of this simple yet beneficial accessory you can now sit up hanging your feet down or have your feet stretched when want to work in a more relaxed position. Lying on a full body hammock may become tiring after a while, but your feet will definitely thank you after relaxing on this amazing foot rest for an entire day. It is available in six different colors for just $30; you can purchase it for comfortable working hours.

Fuut Desk Foot Rest

Via: Ohgizmo

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