GameBoy Magnetic Stickers

GameBoy magnetic stickers add geeky panache to your appliances

We all have enjoyed GameBoy in our youth, now for the younger generation, FreezerBoy is bringing the games back to reality with their GameBoy inspired magnetic stickers. Nintendo’s GameBoy was an 8-bit handheld video game device, which had four operation buttons labeled as ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘SELECT’ and ‘START’ as well as a directional pad. Replicating the same handheld console, the 16×12 inches stickers come with large magnets that are designed to fit on refrigerators and other appliances.

Available in set of six, the magnetic stickers come with console’s operation buttons, which once attached with your appliances, transform it into a giant console. The removable magnets leave no marks on the appliances.

GameBoy magnetic stickers are designed to provide a geeky panache to your appliances and by just paying $20 (currently out of stock), you have the chance to transform your present day appliances into a giant 80’s video game console.

GameBoy Magnetic Stickers

Magnetic stickers are suitable for all appliances

GameBoy Magnetic Stickers

Gameboy is a set of 6 magnetic stickers


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