Garden kneeler and seat

Garden Kneeler & Seat

Abcosport garden kneeler and seat prevents sore knees and back caused by kneeling on the ground while gardening. Whether you are seeding, planting, weeding, or carrying out any other activity that needs kneeling in the garden, just place this kneeler to rest your knees comfortably.

This garden kneeler features a soft foam padding to provide a cushion to your kneels and also protects your clothing from dirt and grass stains. The soft padding is supported by a strong metallic frame for imparting strength and durability to the kneeler, as well as your hands and back while kneeling down or standing up.

Simply hold its handles to rise up and lower down comfortably innumerable times. After your garden work is done, this kneeler can be turned over to sit at a comfortable height for performing other gardening or household chores.

The cheerful colored epoxy coating in various hues makes it easy to spot no matter where you leave it. When you’re through with your tasks, the garden kneels and stool can be folded flat for easy storage.

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