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Garlic Shaker: Say goodbye to smelly hands and peeling efforts

All professional and home chefs know that how important garlic is for any dish, but peeling it and getting rid of those smelly hands obviously quite troublesome. To relief every cooking lover from this pain, Garlick Shaker Inc has announced their revolutionary product, the Garlic Shaker.

The revolutionary Garlic shaker is based on simple physics and ergonomic design, the shaker features multiple impact points that cause the garlic to rotate, spin and gyrate. It features two lids and has hourglass shape, which makes it an attractive product for any contemporary kitchen. Its design allows removal of garlic skin, without damaging the garlic while maintaining flavor and taste.

Due to its simple design, the user can conveniently hold it and shake it, thus making garlic skin removal process fast and simple. According to Mathew Ramos, co-founder of Garlic shaker, they wanted to create something that can be used on personal as well corporate levels. So what could be better than the garlic shaker? It only helps home level cooks, but professional chefs too from the painful job of garlic skin peeling. The garlic shaker is dishwasher safe, BPA-free, food safe and recyclable.

The groundbreaking 9 x 3.5 x 3-inches garlic shaker weighs only 9-ounces and is available in five different colors such as red, white, silver, black and blue. Five-star Chef Joran “Dutch” Bouwman also vouched for the practicability and functionality of the Garlic Shaker. After spending three years on design, creating eight different prototypes, and spending over $105k on this tool, the company is ready to bring revolution in every kitchen.

Currently, the project is raising a pledge of $ 25,000 on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. By pledging for $1 you can book yourself a full color digital download garlic E-cookbook (125+ exclusive recipes), including signature recipe by five-star Chef Joran Bouwman. Whereas, on pledging $25 the early birds can book themselves all-new garlic shaker. So order one for yourself and say goodbye to smelly hands and daily peeling mess.

Garlic Shaker

The revolutionary kitchen weapon lets you fight with garlic smell

The simple to use and easy to hold

The simple to use and easy to hold

Comes in five different shades

It is available in five different shades

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