Woof Washer 360

Gently clean canine coats with ring-shaped Woof Washer 360

Your adorable furry friends don’t only dislike bathtime, but also scared of harsh water sprays. The latest ring-shaped Woof Washer 360 makes the cleansing process gentler and faster, providing massage-like feeling to your dog. The circular dog washing system even washes hard-to-reach areas, all thanks to its 360-degree spraying jets.

With its 360-degree circular design, the washer can thoroughly clean your dog within less than one minute. All you need to do is connect the washer 360 to a hose and a soap dispenser, then turn it on while sliding the hoop all around your pet’s body.

The soapy solution washes as well as scrubs your pet’s furry coat, without any need of using your hands. Once the dirt is removed, you can turn on rinsing button to wash the pet with clean water. At touch of a button, you can provide deep and thorough bath to your canine friend, without scaring it away. Check out the video given below to find out how the Woof Washer 360 works.

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