Framery’s phone booths and meeting pods

Get rid of distracting workspace noises with Framery’s office pod

In most organization, the major productivity losses are not the result of employees using their time to browse the internet, but instead the result of distracting office noises. Some of the greatest causes of office noise come from employees who waste their time talking about topics that do not pertain to their duties. These discussions not only distract those who are talking, but also those within earshot as well. Some offices have to deal with noise, as their work nature forces them to be in the noise. If your organization is the victim, don’t worry, a Finland based company Framery has got a solution for this most frustrating aspect of work places.

The company has been manufacturing variety of soundproof phone booths and meeting pods for open offices to eliminate noise, and help them concentrate fully on work. They offer two types of pods, one is Framery O with a phone booth look, and other is  Framery Q with the cabin shape. Made of hardwood, durable glass, sound insulation film, stainless steel and stain resistant carpet, the attractive and inviting piece of office furniture provide employees a fully enclosed, soundproof and comfortable work space.

The soundproof contemporary designed pods are the great addition for modern workplaces to alleviate noise stresses in employees. Since, they are compact in size and roomy enough to be comfortable, they can be used as a perfect cabin for the employees who want a private space to work without any disruption. They are ideal to take phone calls, do video chat and handle personal matters in the private space, without taking too much time away from the jobs.

The best thing is that you don’t have to do any alternation in the pod to create a perfect working environment because it comes with a ready to work table cum freestanding desk, adjustable seat, air ventilation system, electric socket and LED lighting. As they are available in multiple color options and accessories, you can pick one that matches your office interior space the best. They are also movable, so you don’t have to think much before relocating them to the new space. You can install them in any space without any massive hassles.

If the product sounds like something that would be of value in your office, you can buy one on request from the company’s website.

Framery O Phone booth

Framery O phone booth

Framery O Phone booth

Available in multiple appealing colors

Framery O Phone booth for offices

Designed to go well with modern offices

Framer Phone booth to get rid of office noise

Ideal to take phone calls and do video chat in the private

Framery Phone booth

Compliment modern office spaces

Framery Phone booth for modern office spaces

They are made sound-proof to eliminate noise and distractions

Framery Phone booth to eliminate noise in offices

Attend personal calls in private space without taking too much time away from the jobs

Framery Phone booth for contemprory offices

Framery meeting pod

Made from durable material

eliminate office noise with Framery phone booth

Stain-resistant carpet

Framery phone booth to eliminate office noise

Durable door

Framery O phone booth

Small wooden table inside the phone booth

Framery Q meeting pod

Framery Q meeting pod

Framery Q meeting pods provides personal space to offices

Handle personal matters in the private space

Framery Q meeting pod provides Comfortable meeting space

Comfortable meeting space and working cabin

Framery Q meeting pods

Get rid of office noise with Framery Q meeting pods


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