Get your favorite tweet as an artifact with Permanent Retweet

Tweet as artifact forever

We love retweeting, and we also like to favorite an interesting tweet, but is that it, can’t we do more with tweets we love? How about preserving a favorite tweet forever as a physical artifact? Yes, if you really like a tweet and you want it to be installed on the wall of your room, you can now get it laser etched on small piece of wood or metal. #PermanentRetweet founded and launched by Brian Thompson can hand you a etched  wood or metal piece with the tweet of your choice for as little as $20.

The laser etched piece measures approximately 2.5-inch by 5.75-inch, though size may vary depending on the length of the tweet. But here’s a catch. Only text tweets are easily engraved, the quality of images may not be at par when etched on wood or metal. If you are not satisfied what everyone can get, you can order yourself a custom permanent retweet. So, here’s your chance to turn your favorite 140 characters into lasting artwork for your home.  Anyone?

Tweet as artifact forever

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