Halloween is a few days away and everybody is craving perfect decoration for the occasion. Although, you must be focusing on decorating every section of your house, make sure your yard outshines the rest of the areas. Outdoor Halloween decorations are a must as they are the ones, which draw the attention of guests and passersby.

If you’re planning to give heebie-jeebies to your guests this October 31st, you’ve landed on the right post. We’ve compiled a list of spookiest Halloween yard decoration ideas that might inspire you a lot.


Make ghost and zombie dummies to decorate the outdoor space of your home. Just take some old jeans and sweatshirts, fill them with old clothes, plastic bags or anything soft lying unused at the home. Put them up into a human-like shape.

Likewise, use old white bed sheets to create ghostly figures. Add a lighting source inside the ghost figure to enhance the dreadful impact. These ghastly figures are perfect to be placed in the middle of your garden to scare your neighbors and passerbys.

Pumpkin Lanterns

Carve a real pumpkin and decorate with a light to make a Jack-o’-lantern. If you’ve got a knack for the art of paper folding, you can also create an origami pumpkin lantern with illuminating the scary face. It brings really scary charm to the yard when lit up at night, while also generates a frightening ambiance of light.

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Decorate your lawn with tombstones made from cardboard or trimming paper bags. Just paint the cardboard tombstones gray with a RIP mark and you’ve created a perfect graveyard Halloween decoration for the outdoor section of your house. It will form a perfect cemetery like effect, making your abode a perfect ‘haunted house’ for the night.

Illuminated Cloth Ghosts

Wrap a thin white sheet around a few hanging lanterns, add eyes, and your Halloween ghosts are ready to be hung from branches of trees in your garden. It seems as if ghosts are having a blast while hanging down from branches of trees. It is a super-easy way to create a scary appeal in the garden.

Hang Bats and Spider Webs

If your lawn has trees, then you can hang paper bats, bat toys or thin nets (creating spider web effect) from their branches to add a spooky atmosphere to your backyard. It will certainly give jitters to your guests who are planning to visit you, this Halloween.

Spooky Pond Decoration 

In case you have a pond in your lawn, then decorate it in a scary way with floating hands and lights. Let the fake hands float in the water, which seems like zombies are making their way out from the water body to have a blast at your Halloween party. It will definitely have a bone-chilling impact on your guests.


You can place skeleton figures in different areas of your lawn. It appears as if ghastly skeleton figures have taken out their dancing shoes to enjoy the spookiest ball of the year.

Frightening Backyard Display with Witch Decorations 

Create a witch-like figure using a dummy and wrap it with a thin white sheet, carrying a lantern in one hand and broom in the other. Now, place a lamp in front of the dummy in such a way that it casts a huge dreadful shadow opposite to the light. It will be a perfect witchy display in your yard for the scary night.

Hope you’ll try out some from these Halloween yard decoration ideas. You can also share your ideas, in case you have something different in mind.

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