Ghost table by Joey Eddington is made out of one bag of concrete

Concrete is considered as a very durable material that can be formed into any shape, and if combined with an imaginative touch, it can be turned into a fascinating thing for your home. Ghost table by Joey Eddington, an industrial design student at Brigham Young University, is an apt example of how good concrete is for making household things of desired shapes. This table has won him the Quikrete One Bag Wonder 2.0 contest.

Joey said;

I was excited to make a new piece of furniture but even more excited to find a new way to look at cement and create things from it.

After getting inspiration from molding qualities of paper mache, Joey came on to make something extraordinary from concrete. Proving his vision to use common materials in different ways, he built the ghost table out of canvas soaked in a mixture of Quikrete and a cement polymer. He saturated several layers of canvas, draped them over a table and left it to dry. Later the inside table was removed to see the new one with curvy lines.

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It is truly an industrial style table that is enough bold and sophisticated to bring an air of spookiness to your home. Great to be taken up as your next easy DIY project, the Ghost table will surely serve as a functional centerpiece in any space.

Ghost table by Joey Eddington is made out of one bag of concrete

Beautiful composition of concrete

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