Giant champagne cork table by a wine enthusiast for the wine enthusiasts

Raising a toast, popping the champagne cork is something that reminds us of celebration, happiness. The cork that keeps your fizzy wine from leaking has its importance as it becomes a source of inspiration for some furniture designers. Take, for example, this giant champagne cork table that has a very strong correlation with a cork design. The unique piece of furniture in the shape of champagne cock that rests right in the middle of your drawing room is made entirely out of organic material, i.e., fine quality Portuguese cork, that has some eco-credentials associated with it and words printed on the tabletop that read “Grand Vin de Champagne” give it a complete wine enthusiastic appeal.

The table can be used as a stool, an end table, or a cocktail table when being placed under a glass top. The beautiful piece of home décor that looks in great harmony with interior and all other furniture is available for purchase at Wine Enthusiast for a cool $230.

Via: LaughingSquid

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