Freshness sensing GIR Grinder

GIR Grinder detects freshness of beans, restocks when needed

New York-based company GIR (Get It Right) is all set to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its smart freshness-sensing coffee grinder. Dubbed as GIR Grinder, the company claims it to be the world’s first smart portable freshness-sensing grinder.

An IoT connected appliance, the grinder not only tells you when beans are running low but also restocks and detects freshness of the beans with the help of sensor array. Imagined to elevate coffee-making experience of users at home, GIR grinds coffee as per your requirement. The dedicated mobile app keeps you updated about how much coffee is remaining and when to replenish the supply.

Designed to bring aesthetics to your kitchen worktop, the grinder with ceramic conical burrs grind at a low RPM to minimize noise, making sure that you get fresh and properly ground beans. The anti-static catch cup keeps grinds from jumping around to give you neat and clean countertop after every use.

High-performance LiFePo4 batteries onboard can hold power for weeks so that you can enjoy your favorite coffee anytime, anywhere. Also connected with Amazon DRS and coffeehouse bean subscription services, the company is leaving no stone unturned to make it a highly efficient and capable grinder that works around your comfort.

Expected to hit Kickstarter this Summer, the compact countertop appliance is another reason to be a coffee lover.

GIR Grinder

The world’s first smart portable freshness-sensing grinder

GIR Grinder

Dedicated mobile app keeps you updated about how much coffee is left

GIR Grinder

Portable and unplugged, it can be moved anywhere

GIR Grinder

Connected with Amazon DRS, it can auto-replenish from your favorite roasters

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