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Industrial Chimney-Shaped Glammfire Intermezzo Fire Pit for Outdoors

GlammFire Intermezzo is an all-in-one fire pit that’s perfect for backyards during grilling season or just anytime you want to enjoy a perfectly grilled food. It boasts a chimney-shaped design in rustic industrial flavor that brings the sensation of roaring fire straight to your backyard.

Interior and fuel compartment of the wood-burning fire pit are made from Aisi 316 stainless steel. The exterior is rusted, lacquered or corten steel. This means you have the option to select your preferred style for your patio. The bottom half serves as a fuel compartment while the upper half lets smoke to billow through the top.

It can be installed indoors, provided you give it a nice smoke outlet, but this will look good in outdoor settings. With its nostalgic undertone that can stand out in any setting, the 213 cm tall and 80 cm wide fire pit is made to blend in surrounding nature. The sleek design stands in any outdoor settings without eating up too much space.

Keeping the overall shape in mind, the unit comes integrated with a cylindrical cooking surface that allows you to grill a good amount of meat or veggies in one go.

After use, you can clean the cooking area using a vacuum cleaner that comes bundled with the fire pit. The package also includes a protection cover to keep the grilling unit safe from climatic conditions.

Price: £8,950 (~$11,400) 

Glammfire Intermezzo Fire Pit-2

Image: GlammFire

Glammfire Intermezzo Fire Pit-5

Image: GlammFire

Glammfire Intermezzo Fire Pit-4

Image: GlammFire

Glammfire Intermezzo Fire Pit-3

Image: GlammFire

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