GlammFire Apollo IV Wall-Mounted Fireplace is Nothing but Beautiful

The fireplace is the gathering place for family and friends in your home. Nowadays, with modern technology, they are also upgrading day by day. GlammFire is the famous manufacturer of bio-fireplaces and also known for innovative and unique solutions. 

Glamm Fire has created new Apollo IV wall hanging fireplace that looks like one out of the Harry Potter movie. Its exceptional shape and color combination makes Apollo IV an extraordinary fireplace. This bio-fireplace is perfect for almost every room. It is made from stainless steel and available in five different colors. Apollo IV wall mount fireplace is unique and has the ability to enhance the efficiency and beauty of your living room or wherever you hang it.

Apollo IV is a remote controlled bio fireplace, so you can sit on your sofa and rest it will do by itself on click of a button. It has a 5-liter tank and runs on liquid bioethanol. Apollo IV weighs 110 kg and covers a minimum area of 29 sqm.

The eco fireplace might seem a queer thing but its appearance does not affect the heating in any way. Its visual appeal and functionality perhaps make the fire unique from the existing ones. As Glamm Fire says, ‘it’s a combination of convenience and style so don’t worry about upcoming winters. This fireplace will maintain the temperature and also will add a nice warm glow to your place.’

Apollo IV is priced at £4,700.00 (approximately $6000).

Apollo IV wall hanging fireplace in exhibition


Its queer design makes it unique 

Apollo IV fireplace in black color

Apollo IV looks amazing in rust color

 Via: Lovter

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