Glass 1989 Mawi Bathtub Rejuvenates Skin and Relaxes Body

Italian company Glass 1989 is popular for its home-wellness range having an innovative bath-time well-being system, known as SkinSublime. The latest product from this range is Mawi bathtub that is smaller than traditional hydromassage tubs but provides maximum comfort and skin care.

Skinsublime technology is known for enriching water with oxygen-rich microbubbles, which gently penetrate into skin pores for improving cell regeneration, stimulating collagen production, and combating free radicals. SkinSublime microbubbles also release negative ions to relax your mind and body. This further results in well-hydrated, clean and radiant skin.

Mawi bathtub comes in two versions – SkinSublime and SkinSublime + airpool. Each one is made out of white acrylic and comes integrates with chrome and Bluetooth functions. Furthermore – it has filo jets, light/chromotherapy, and 4-cushion relaxing zones.

Glass 1989 bathtubs are fitted with an exclusive ‘blowing’ system to ensure the pipes are fully drained after the bathtub has been emptied. This feature helps in preventing water stagnation that can lead to unpleasant odors and the proliferation of bacteria over time.

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The modern bathtubs also feature semi-automatic sanitization system to clean the nozzles and the hydromassage circuit with a liquid disinfectant.

The firm will be showcasing their latest Mawi bathtub at Salone del Mobile 2018 in Milan, this April. You can catch the product at the event to know further details.

Special thanks to you Alessia of Gagliardi & Partners for sharing details and images with us.


Image: Glass 1989


Image: Glass 1989


Image: Glass 1989

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