Woven Treehouse by Tom Hare

Glowing woven treehouse seems like a giant nest in middle of the branches

A UK-based artist Tom Hare has recently crafted an amazing illuminating tree house called the Cherry Treehouse for a client’s private residence. Hare has woven willow branches beautifully into a big sphere that seems like a giant nest in middle of the cherry tree branches. The treehouse nestled within home’s backyard reveals intimate complexity of its woven structure when lit up at night.

This glowing nest can be accessed using a ladder or simply climbing up the tree to spend some time relaxing close to nature. There is a small wooden platform at the opening of this treehouse to let the owner relax in middle of tree branches while gazing at nature.

While sitting inside, one can clearly observe intricacy of the structure and tremendous efforts spent by the designer on weaving this mesmerizing structure. The willow branches intertwined within one another seems absolutely stunning with a glow of light at night and also maintains pleasant connection with nature. You may check out various sides of the treehouse below:

Woven Treehouse by Tom Hare

Cherry Treehouse looks mesmerizing when lit up at night

Woven Treehouse by Tom Hare

Woven treehouse resting in middle of the tree branches

Woven Treehouse by Tom Hare

Closely intertwined willow branches formed a beautiful structure with intimate complexity

Via: Colossal

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