GoFika Barbecue Ashtray

GoFika Barbecue Ashtray is cut out for Backyard Parties

When I was twenty, all I wanted was cigarettes and barrels of beer to keep me sane. Holding on to our guilty pleasure is something we do quite often when we are young and dimwit. Frankly speaking, I won’t recommend you to smoke, but I can’t stop you from sharing puffs either. Even if you are a non-smoker you can’t refuse people from lighting cigarettes at your home but you can surely enhance their smoking experience with the GoFika Barbeque Ashtray that will let your guests smoke in style.

We have seen tons of ashtray designs in the past. Most ashtrays are made of fire-retardant materials like glass, metal or heat-resistant plastic. But, I am pretty sure that the GoFika ashtray is certainly one of the most original ashtrays designs you’ll see on the internet.

Finished in metal, this round ashtray features a BBQ grill that allows users to place a cigarette on its surface. The space between the bars of the grill is ideal for dispensing ash and crushing the cigarette to the bottom of the ashtray. The barbecue ashtray is poised on a metal base and comprises a tube, bowl, and a red shield alongside a grill tray which are joined together by a number of screws and nuts.

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Excellent for parties in the yard or at home, the GoFika Barbecue Ashtray would also be an ideal gift for your smoker friend. Manufactured by ‎Lariat and weighing just 9.4 ounces (0.2kg), the ashtray can be assembled in minutes and would cost you just $11 on Amazon.

GoFika Barbecue Ashtray_1

Image: Amazon

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Image: Amazon

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