Google Assistant for Sonos Speakers - CES 2019

Google Assistant Support Coming to Sonos Speakers at CES 2019

It had been long since Sonos first announced that Google Assistant will be available for its wide range of speakers. Finally, the wait is over. At CES 2019, the company announced Google Assistant is coming to its range of speakers. For starters, Sonos is going to have Google Assistant support on Beam and One premium speakers from the line-up.

In fact, it is the other way around, as Google announced the support for Sonos speaker in their keynote at the event. The beta testing for Google Assistant supported Sonos speakers has been in works for past one year. It is only now that we know it is coming.

There is no word on the launch date of the service yet. Interestingly, Sonos already works with Alexa and is now going to work with Google Assistant.

However, the catch is that you can use only one service at a time on one Sonos speaker. It is not a hardware limitation, rather it has to do with the supported functionality and trigger actions for both Assistant and Alexa.

For example, if you set an alarm with either Alexa or Assistant and when it goes off, chances are you aren’t going to remember what voice command to use to stop it. That’s because both the assistants have a separate set of voice commands.

All said this is exciting news for people who are planning to or already have Sonos Beam or One speaker(s). Especially for existing users who have been waiting agonizingly long for this new feature.

Via: TheVerge

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