Google’s Project Sunroof helps estimate rooftop solar potential

Google’s Project Sunroof helps estimate rooftop solar potential

There are so many reasons to switch to renewable energy sources like solar. A solar-powered home helps control electricity costs and generate savings over time, so it is a needful idea to install solar panels to utilize the unused rooftop space at homes. If you have such plans for future, then it will be better to take the help of Google’s online solar calculator to estimate your roof’s solar savings potential. Launched under Project Sunroof, a solar power initiative started by Google, this online tool also lets you see who else in your area has put solar panels on their rooftops.

Google’s Project Sunroof helps homeowners make right decisions about whether investing in solar will be beneficial or not. With the latest Data Explorer feature, people of US can have an estimate of existing solar installations in a specific area. This feature makes use of machine learning algorithms with satellite imagery from Google Maps and Google Earth to provide an estimate of solar-powered houses in an area. So far around 700,000 solar installations have been identified in the U.S. and over time there will be better algorithms to find and show solar installations more accurately.

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So if you are planning to install solar panels at the roof of your home, then make best use of Google’s online solar calculator and other features to guess the significance for investing in solar.

Google’s Project Sunroof helps estimate rooftop solar potential

Online solar calculator by Google

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