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Hangzhou Stool

Gorgeous Hangzhou Stool by Min Chen is a perfect alternative to wicker furniture

Although there is nothing more comfortable to sit on as a soft cushion, but these catch dirt and spills just like a sponge and so require high maintenance. People hardly get anytime for a regular cleaning that a cushion seat needs and therefore switch to using substitute wicker furniture units that doesn’t call for a necessary upkeep every day.  But, if wicker furniture is not your cup of tea, then a furniture piece made of bamboo can be a great alternative that perfectly compliments any sort of home interior. The Hangzhou stool being discussed here is a beautiful seating object made out of bamboo.

Conceived by the local designer Min Chen of Hangzhou city of China, this gorgeous stool features 16 sleek layers of bamboo veneer, where each of the layers is 0.9 mm thick. However, each of the bamboo layers varies in length. All of the flexible bamboo sheets are bent in an arc shape and joined together at the last 25cm of each end. A single raw bamboo stick is used to combine the two ends of the stool. The bent shape of the bamboo sheets gives the appearance of ripples in water. Despite of being made with bamboo wood, one can be as comfortable sitting on this stool as they are on a cushioned seat.

Being made of renewable bamboo wood, the Hangzhou Stool is an aesthetically gorgeous furniture piece that gives a comfy place for the user to sit on while sparing him the fuss of any cleaning.

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