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Current Window by Marjan van Aubel

Gorgeous stained-glass window solar charges your smartphone

Scientists have been working on solar panels that can also be used as windows. However, the Current Window by Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel offers more than the aforementioned dual functions. Apart from serving as both solar panels and windows, it can harness solar energy to charge your smartphone and other electronic gadgets.

The window uses multi-colored glass panes that are incorporated with dye-sensitized solar cells. Using a process similar to photosynthesis, these glass panes utilize certain characteristic of color to generate power. This process absorbs sunlight and store diffused solar energy for further usage i.e. to charge USB gadgets.

Its ledge is integrated with USB port, which allows electricity to juice up your electronic devices. For instance, the stained-glass window can charge standard smart phone in about seven hours. This charging window can be used in hospitals, schools, libraries and other public spaces. It will help you to immediately charge your mobile phones when they are running low on juice, especially when you’re not home.

Current Window by Marjan van Aubel

Multi-colored glass panes incorporated with dye-sensitized solar cells

Current Window by Marjan van Aubel

It comes with USB port to further charge your smartphone and other electronic devices


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