Gorilla Grip Cat Litter Mat

Gorilla Grip Cat Litter Mat

The Gorilla Grip cat litter mat is made from a premium slip-resistant material that keeps the mat in place, ensuring the mess stays in the mat and doesn’t scatter around on the floor. The Gorilla Grip cat litter mat features deep grooves and high-quality mesh which captures litter, both kicked out and stuck to the paws.

Since our furry friends keep us cozy and share their endless love with us, in return they deserve the best. The soft and slip-resistant cat litter mat by Gorilla Grip ensures just that. With its generous design measuring 35-inch into 23-inch, the mat makes sure the mess remains confined.

Managing cat litter is impossible without a litter mat to go under the litter box. Well, most litter mats are made using rough materials, which the cats learn to avoid. The easy to clean Gorilla Grip cat litter mat, with its comfortable design, will make sure your pal loves to be on the mat.

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