GoSun Go Compact Solar Cooker

GoSun Go Compact Solar Cooker

GoSun Go is a durable, portable solar cooker that can do everything from boiling water to roasting vegetables. This 2-pound cooker can fold up into a sturdy case and heats up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooker reflects direct and indirect sunlight (allowing you to cook even in cloudy conditions) into a double-walled vacuum tube, where light is converted into heat.

The vacuum layer of the solar cooker allows extraordinary insulation to keep food hot while leaving the exterior cool to the touch. It can boil liquids in 30 minutes, letting you sterilize water, make coffee or tea, or rehydrate foods. You can even steam, bake, and roast food in the 14-ounce tube that offers more than enough space to make a complete meal for one.

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With its unparalleled insulation, you can cook perfect food even on a snowy mountain or sun-soaked beach. The package includes evacuated glass tube oven, EVA frame, two parabolic reflectors, stainless steel cooking tray, GoSun Dial, silicone cooking pans, cleaning brush, universal action mount, and Mini Cookbook to help users get started.

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