Grand Beedapest Hotel

Grand Beedapest Hotel is one-of-a-kind luxury retreat for bees

You may have enjoyed your stay in a five-star luxury hotel many times. But now London-based food futurologists The Robin Collective wants to offer the same comfort to honey bees. Yes, ‘bees.’ With bee populations dwindling and researchers still working to find answers, the team of futurologists has created the Grand Beedapest Hotel in partnership with Kew Gardens.

Titled as the world’s first five-star luxury hotel for bees, this opulent retreat is influenced from the dreamy Wes Anderson aesthetics. It is made from balsa wood and includes contemporary interior that looks-like a miniature version of a real-world luxe hotel.

Although everything inside the insect hotel (from bedrooms to gym area) looks too realistic, but the furnishings and accessories feature traditional hollow tubes just like in a bee hive. These hollow tubes are a popular nesting choice for solitary bees. Hence, the luxe hotel will offer bees enough hollow tubes for nesting and relaxation.

Within the hotel you can find Peppermint Leaf Gym with work out machines, a Rose Lemonade dining pollen restaurant and a luxury Sweet Rhubarb Queen Bee Suite. Other key features in the hotel are: sugar water baths and ultraviolet patterns.

According to the researchers, all these features are great for attracting large number of bees. May be next time when bees feel like taking a break, they will certainly head towards this poshest bee hotel in London.

Grand Beedapest Hotel

Red piano for bees

Grand Beedapest Hotel

Rose Lemonade fine dining pollen restaurant

Grand Beedapest Hotel

Other features include sugar water baths and ultraviolet patterns

Via: CreativeBoom

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