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Greek scientist invents bread-cake that can fight malnutrition

The problem of malnutrition is very common in under-developed and developing countries. To deal with the issue, various organizations are coming up with different policies and solutions. But Dimitris Kouretas, Greek professor from University of Thessaly, has invented ‘Feedback’ break-cake to fight hunger and malnutrition.

Kouretas has received a PhD in Biochemistry at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His main research is in the field of mechanisms of nutrients’ interactions within the body at molecular level, plus he is also an expert in the European Union “Food for Life.” Combining his years of practice and knowledge, he has created the Greek patent break-cake that contains all sufficient nutrients and calories required by a human body in a day.

Feedback contains raw materials that are produced in certified farms in Greece. The raw materials were grown in farms that don’t use any genetically modified organisms. It is produced by the processing of whey, which would otherwise end up in rivers and be a polluter. Hence, the bread-cake is filled with appropriate amount of calories and proteins, offering complete portion of a meal.

The cake weighs only 80-gram, and only one slice of the cake is able to offer body sustenance for 24 hours. Moreover, it is also helps in maintaining good health of the body by proactively serving some of the therapeutic purposes.

Kouretas claims that mass production of Feedback could fight malnutrition problem in Third World countries. It could eliminate malnutrition problems in African as well as other countries in the world. So, Feedback is indeed the future of nutrition, may of more such products are required to solve the issue.

Via: GreekReporter

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