Green Elephant Commode Portable Toilet Seat

Green Elephant Commode Portable Toilet Seat

Green Elephant Commode Portable Toilet Seat’s convenient 3.5 pounds lightweight design, and simple portability make easy to carry finding a place to do your business! It’s the perfect solution when you’re on the go and you’ve gotta go. Using this portable toilet, it’s now easier to find a hidden spot with maximum privacy.

You simply have to unfold it, wrap a plastic bag around the seat, and it’s good to use. After use, you can remove the bag, tie it securely, and dispose of, leaving your foldable toilet seat clean and sanitary.

The gray plastic toilet seat is supported by durable, dependable, the rust-resistant four-legged frame that can support up to 250 pounds. This compact can be folded effortlessly and stored neatly in your car, home, garage, boat, camper, or trailer.

This easy-to-use portable toilet will eradicate your outdoor evacuation woes forever. Moreover, carrying it to any desired outdoor location is easier, all thanks to its lightweight design.

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