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‘Green Magic Homes’ to make Hobbit Home a reality

Do you have a dream of underground homes like hobbits? Well, American company, Green Magic Homes can make it happen with these tiny pre-fabricated homes. Just like in the movie “Lord of the Rings,” these beautiful houses under soil and turf can also produce food, even if you want to grow some veggies on the roof top it is possible.

There are lots of amazing hobbit homes built around the world, but these pre-fabricated homes are unique and special. Their structure made of fiber reinforced polymer modular components is washable, durable and waterproof.

You can assemble them quickly and effortlessly in just three days. Each home is made up of several fiber panels which are attached together to create a complete hobbit home. Once the modules are joined together you can cover them with grass, sand or snow, according to your location and availability of space.

These homes adapt to any typography, and are fit for all type of weather conditions. The beautiful architecture provides smooth and clean interiors with large space and endless design possibilities.

Definitely it is evident that Green Magic Homes’ mission to meet all your expectations. You can start building your own hobbit home at just $41 per square foot.

Green Magic Homes colony

Hobbit home entrance

Desert Pre-fabiricated tiny hobbit house

Under construction Green Magic homes house

Beautiful interiors of this fairytale-inspired home

Snow covered Hobbit home

Green Magic Homes gives you the opportunity to make one for yourself

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