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Green-mix concrete is revolutionary way to build sustainable homes

Green-mix concrete is revolutionary way to build sustainable homes

As people are becoming more conscious about environment, the demand of eco-friendly building construction materials is also increasing simultaneously. Recently, researchers from Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia have created a new environment-friendly building material called green-mix concrete.

This innovative concrete is made from nothing but waste materials, thus provide affordable solution for construction. Use of recycled or waste materials can be considered sustainable as they reduce building costs and raw materials as well as decrease amount of landfills. The main materials used in this unique concrete are fly ash, aggregates of reclaimed concrete and aluminum can fibers.

Fly ash is also a waste product that is collected from coal power plants. Usually this waste product is disposed of in ponds and sent to landfills, but the researches decided to replace cement with this unusual building substance. Furthermore, aggregates of reclaimed concrete are used to minimize waste produced from demolished concrete structures.

On the other hand, aluminum can fibers are used as reinforcement in the construction material. Green-mix concrete is indeed a revolutionary way to build sustainable homes, meanwhile helps in saving the environment. In future we need such environmentally-friendly materials for constructing more and more buildings, so there is no negative impact on nature.

Credit: ScienceDaily

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