Grid Lamp

Grid Lamp is concrete pendant lamps adorned with wireframe lines

Israel-based Studio Itai Bar-On has marvelously created set of concrete pendant lamps that are decorated with grid of lines to give an impression of digital wireframe. Dubbed as Grid Lamp, the entire collection is inspired by the virtual wireframe and the moment when system of flat lines are transformed into three-dimensional image.

Made from soft concrete material, according to Itai Bar-On, the decision about number of lines in the grid was made according to aesthetics as the main desire was to create something complex that still look light and fresh.

Handcrafted using concrete casting process, the material is poured into two-piece rubber mould, which once dried give lamp both shape and the linear marks on the exterior. Each lamp supporting a uniform size, can variate from eachother and there can be some minor difference due to the nature of concrete casting process. Thus, adding uniqueness in living.

The concrete lamps weighing 1.5 kilograms can easily hung from the ceiling or can be placed on table or shelf as per personal requirement or spacing. Currently available in four colors, i.e., white, light grey, dark grey and yellow; the grid lamp is priced for $329.

Bringing uniqueness in lighting fixtures, the concrete pendant lamps not only illuminate the corners but also bring innovation in technology and textures to your home.

Pendant lamp made from soft concrete material

Pendant lamp made from soft concrete material

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