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Grid Sofa-cum-Daybed by Studio Pool

Grid sofa by Studio Pool becomes comfortable daybed in no time

Mix-match modular furniture not only serves multiple purposes, but also adds splash of colors into any interior. Living up to the multi-functional furniture designs, Paris-based Studio Pool has framed the latest Grid Sofa for French design editor Petite Friture to create something minimalist yet practical for everyday use. This unique piece of furniture combines fine graphic layout with colorful modular design.

The sofa is initially a two-seater that can turn into a comfortable daybed in no time. All you need to do is extend one side with semi-circular removable wooden tablet, which is held together by a strap fixed onto a black tubular steel structure. Apart from that, the extended wooden tablet can be used as side table to keep your coffee mugs and other accessories, while watching television.

Few contrasting cushions add up to modular aspect of the sofa. For instance the armrest can be turned into a headrest and the round cushion can be used as a backrest or set on the tablet, lengthening the sofa’s seating space. Grid is an everyday furniture piece with a modular seat that can be compiled differently as per your needs and available space. You can purchase this elegant dual-purpose sofa for €2,950 (approx. US $ 3,208).

Grid Sofa-cum-Daybed by Studio Pool

On adding semi-circular removable wooden tablet to one side, the sofa easily turns into a comfortable daybed

Grid Sofa-cum-Daybed by Studio Pool

The extended wooden tablet can also be used as a side table

Grid Sofa-cum-Daybed by Studio Pool

Few contrasting cushions add up to modular aspect of the sofa

Grid Sofa-cum-Daybed by Studio Pool

It is a perfect furniture piece for both small and large living spaces

Credit: DesignIndaba

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