Grilled Steak Backpack

Grilled Steak Backpack is delicious accessory for meat lovers

If you love meat and also adore trendy backpacks, you’re going to love this post. Grilled meat is not a food item anymore – it has become a delicious fashion accessory. Japanese store Village Vanguard offers cool Grilled Steak Backpack that looks like a savory meat steak.

The seared golden brown color of the knapsack makes it appear more realistic and ready to eat. Just like a perfectly grilled slab of meat, the backpack also features melting butter atop the cooked meat. The mouth-watering backpack is surely going to turn some heads as you walk on the street.

For extra comfort, the meat-themed backpack comes with a pair of super soft velour straps. The knapsack opens up to reveal inner pockets for carrying all your stuff for the day. You can wear these slabs of beef to school or college, and add meat-filled adventure to your daily routine.

The meaty backpack can be purchased from the online store for 2,160 yen (approx. US $22). You can adorn this hot grilled slab of meat throughout the year. If you’re looking for a more colorful design, you can go for the red-colored juicy raw meat backpack at the same price.

However, for those who want to keep their meat love confined to their home, the online store also offers delicious steak cushions, which also retail for 2,160 yen (approx. US $22). So, you can select your favorite meaty accessory to spruce up your home or daily fashion wear.

Grilled Steak Backpack

It is finished with butter on top of the grilled steak

Grilled Steak Backpack

It comes with super soft velour straps for extra comfort

Grilled Steak Backpack

Inner pockets for carrying your stuff

Grilled Steak Cushion

Grilled steak cushion

Via: Foodiggity

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