Weltevree Groundfridge

Groundfridge is underground ice-chest to keep food fresh without electricity

Every year some new world ending conspiracy creates a stir among our minds. Thanks to all sci-fi alien invading movies, once in a while we do indulge in conversations regarding how life is going to be without technology and electricity. However, these movies and news also motivated us to look for simple ways to manage life without technology or to look for self- sufficient existence.

To provide modern day self-sustaining living, Dutch-based designer Floris Schoonderbeek, co-founder of the Weltevree, has created sustainable and practical Groundfridge. The Dutch Design Award nominated groundfridge is an underground cellar, which provides ample storage space for keeping vegetables, fruits and drinks without any need of electricity. This groundfridge is similar to root cellar but with a modern twist.

According to Schoonderbeek, the underground fridge presents a new world to people who want to handle their food in an independent way and prefer to keep everything fresh and healthy. Based on an age-old proven principle the cooling cellar has storage capacity of about 20 refrigerators. Moreover, its tight sealing doors help to make it vermin-proof food storage unit.

The contemporary cellar works on insulating capacity of soil and gets the cooling effect from underground water. Due to all this, the groundfridge can easily maintain temperature between 10-12-degree Celsius throughout the year. To get started with groundfridge, what you have to do is just dug in, put the buryable cellar in it and cover it with the soil. The covering soil must be one meter thick to get better insulation property.

This self-sustainable fridge helps you to save approximately 6.620kWh of electricity per year. With the storage capacity of 3,000 liters, the hand-laminated polyester underground fridge is 228 cm in diameter and weighs 300kg. The groundfridge will be available from autumn 2015 and available along with delivery option of lightning and cabinets.


The groundfrigde is inspired by ancient root cellar but comes with a modern twist


The groundfridge works without electricity and easy to transport fridge


Groundfridge is nominated for Dutch Design Award 2015


Internal structure of Groundfridge


The innovative fridge for self-sustaining existence


It can also be used to keep wines and other drinks fresh


It maintains temperature between 10-12 degree Celsius throughout the year


Stairs with handle bars for easy movement inside the fridge


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