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Growing Time

Growing Time: Steampunk table clock brings back Victorian Era

Alexander Schlesier, Germany-based avocational and steampunk artist, has created a visually appealing steampunk table clock, which brings the industrial essence into your living space. Entitled as Growing Time, the table clock is designed to beautifully replicate the 19th century industrial revolution phase.

The table clock is made from glass tubes filled with neon gas to get the appealing steampunk look. Each tube is fitted with ten wafer-thin wires, which are lined up behind one another to create a displayable digit per wire. Furthermore, an electronic unit is installed inside the shell to generate time, whereas high voltage brings neon glow, thus creating a magical effect.

To capture the aesthetics and create a fantasy world, the base for the clock is made from brass. The tabletop is filled with black sand to easily fit in the tubes, while naturally blending with brass aesthetics. The clock is even incorporated with a battery to offer right time; even if turned off- it can still count the time. So if you turn it on again, the clock will start again with the correct time.

Operated by 12V with 220V power supply, the unique table clock is an interesting and compelling artifact, which stands apart from the modern artifacts. It is designed specifically to give you a chance to present Victorian Era in today’s high-tech world.

Growing Time clock is a blissful fusion of synchronicity that also provides you freedom to live out your fantasy of having a completely new object in antique form. So, if you want to welcome the 19th century spirit in your living area, you can contact Schlesier via email to confirm the product’s availability.

Growing Time

Growing Time clock by Alexander Schlesier

Growing Time

Clock made using glass tubes filled with neon gas

Growing Time

The clock operates on a 12V with 220V power supply

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