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Grusella by Paolo Foglini is a multifunctional console enthused by surroundings

Italian designer Paolo Foglini presents Grusella – a multifunctional console that skillfully and efficiently blends with the surrounding area. Manufactured by Formabilio – an Italian brand of eco-friendly furniture and home accessories, the console highlights minimalist and multifunctional design approach by becoming a shelf, a small bookcase, or an ideal place to display decor items in no time.

The Grusella smartly depicts the concept of construction and cranes used to build urban skylines and landscapes. Built using natural resources like medium-density fiberboard, lacquered wood and 100 percent water based varnishes, the console helps achieve a green living at home.

The shelf is affixed with the wall while the base ends with a storage space. The 140 x 25 x 84 cm console is available at Formabilio in different colors including mole grey, light grey and quartz grey for €356 (approx. $400). The Grusella in real sense is an long-lasting, cost-effective and most significantly an environment-friendly product for leading a healthy and sustainable life.

The base of Grusella is wall- mounted, while the base contains storage space

The top is wall-mounted over the base containing storage space

The multi-functional console can be use as shelf or to showcase antiques

The multifunctional console can be use as a shelf or storage

Grusella is available in variety of contract colors

The Grusella is available in variety of colors


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