Guggenheim Museum 18-Karat Gold Toilet

Guggenheim Museum’s 18-Karat Gold Toilet Takes a Shit on America

Guggenheim Museum in New York City is inviting visitors to crap all over America. Well, not literally. Italian sculptor Maurizio Cattelan has installed fully-functional 18-karat gold toilet called “America” in the museum, and it’s open for public use. So, you can flush whatever you want down the golden toilet.

The museum on Fifth Avenue replaced a regular porcelain toilet with a gold toilet seat in one of its unisex bathrooms. But this golden toilet seat will remain here only for a limited time. This means, only a few museum-goers will get a chance to make use of this extravagant bathroom fixture.

However, the lines and security to use the bathroom will be a little out of hand. Nancy Spector, a curator from the Brooklyn Museum who has worked with Cattelan, has told in an interview that the sculpture conservator has done studies on the 18-carat gold material for proper cleaning and maintenance.

It will be cleaned with steam and special wipes, like medical wipes, that don’t have any fragrance or color or oxidizers. The cleaning schedule will be the same as all of the Guggenheim restrooms.

Toilet humor is not new in the art world but according to the Guggenheim officials, this toilet is all about making the luxury available to the public, so people can have an “intimate” experience with art.


The museum offered to loan this golden toilet to Donald Trump, right after the White House wanted the officials to lend them a painting of Van Gosh!   

Via: NYPost

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