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Gyro-therm Gas Burner

Gyro-therm gas burner rotates flame under a cookware for even cooking

Are you fed up of uneven cooking that ruins complete taste of your recipe? To relief you from the problem, Binghamton-based Eric Krohn, graduate from Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park and founder of Gyro Heat Technologies, has invented the Gyro-therm gas burner that rotates the gas flame. Due to this rotating flame, the heat will be distributed evenly onto the cookware- eliminating the chances of burning your food.

Krohn was inspired to create such gas burner, when he burnt hollandaise sauce that he was making for his mother’s birthday, four years ago. After that he thought of creating a way to counter stagnant flame on gas stove. According to him, stagnant flame provides more heat to the food at one specific portion, while the other portions remain uncooked if not taken care of. For such tedious cooking process, rotating flame is a better option for even cooking.

The rotating gas burner will certainly provide a convenient solution to culinary masters for preventing their dishes from burning. This innovative prototype of the gas burner was presented at Binghamton University Innovative Technologies Complex in February, 2015. However, the burner still needs to undergo certain testing processes before hitting the market.

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