Hacked Keurig coffee maker makes you coffee when you pay it in Bitcoin

Bitcoin Keurig coffee maker

When do you have a perfect Keurig coffee maker on your desk? You guessed it, when the coffee maker is fitted in with an Arduino Uno, a Wi-Fi shield, Infrared sensors, LEDs and accepts Bitcoins to brew you a fresh cup of Joe every 60 seconds.  Created by HackBeanPot, a simple Keurig coffee machine was ripped open, its guts exchanged with Aurdino, sensors and Bitpay integration and then it was sealed back as one of its kind – Bitcoin Keurig coffee maker.

The Bitcoin Keurig coffee maker makes you a cup of fresh brewed coffee when you pay it in Bitcoins and place a mug in it. HackBeanPot developed Bitcoin Keurig coffee machine for the weekend’s hackathon, they would soon be putting up a step-by-step guide to assist all inquisitive to try a hand at hacking their own Keurigs.

Bitcoin Keurig coffee maker

Bitcoin Keurig coffee maker

Bitcoin Keurig coffee maker

Via: HackBeanPot/Adafruit

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