Haier Solid State Wine Cooler

Haier introduces its solid-state wine cabinet at CES 2016

From buying to tasting, wine is a tricky business, and maintaining the collection is no less than an art as it requires precise temperature and humidity level. For this we need to thank Haier for offering ease of maintaining wine collection with its new and revolutionary cooling system for wine cellars.

The no-compressor wine cabinet with solid-state cooling technology is designed to maintain quality of wine by offering precise storage conditions and environment to secure taste and aroma of wine. According to Paul Riley, senior vice-president of sales and marketing at Haier, the advanced compressor-less technology commercialized by the company creates ideal storage conditions for wine to make it an award-winning cellar for preserving wines.

Designed as a cold storage for home, it offers a vibration-less storage conditions to wine, thus maintaining its molecular structure. To offer precise temperature control, the cabinet uses dual power control electronics that maintain consistent humidity to make sure taste and lifespan of wine is not hampered by fluctuations or variation in humidity level.

To have less impact on natural surroundings and environment, the wine chiller uses H2O/CO2 refrigerant that comes with Global Warming Potential of 1 . Removing compressor makes the wine cabinet a noise-free appliance, ideal for home usage.

Currently there is no word on its release date and pricing, but the wine cabinet will surely revolutionize cold storage process at home.


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