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Haier unveils intelligent, interactive fridge prototype that turns transparent upon contact

Intelligent humans demand intelligent gadgets which are in abundance in market these days but how about intelligent appliances or maybe an intelligent fridge. Have you ever thought of having something like that at your house? A very popular name in appliance market named Haier showcased its home appliances of the next-generation at IFA 2012 at Berlin. One of the most attractive designs by Haier was of a smart fridge, which seems to be in perfect harmony with technology, i.e., its fully interactive for the ease of use of consumers of the future.

The very innovative transparent fridge by Haier is just a prototype for now and still we have to wait for the kind of technology the Chinese maker is promising to deliver to the homemakers. As of the prototype design, it has a tactile screen that once touched becomes transparent and lets the user see the content inside the refrigerator without opening its door. Not just that, this very modern appliance of the future features registration of the food stored inside it like expiry dates, ingredients, etc., which is then provided to user quite intelligently with the help of door-cum-interactive display. It’s just like having an assistant to tell you about your fridge. If you think that is cool then this device will surprise you a bit more. This refrigerator can actually give you recipe suggestions as well by inspecting the kind of food that is kept inside. So, may be when this prototype is actually developed, you would not have to keep guessing your menu for the day.

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