Haitian Artisans Paper Mache Animal Busts

Haitian Artisans Create Stylish Paper Mache Animal Busts

Previously, we have talked about the scope of recycling, and how it has been deftly utilized. Now, the ambit has taken a sculptural turn with a collection of paper mache (dubbed as papier-mâché) busts of animals that have been adroitly handcrafted by a group of artisans from Haiti. Exhibiting a delicate bearing, the busts are crafted by only using recycled paper, recycled steel wire, and arrowroot starch glue. This assortment of fairly common materials not only endows an essence of simplicity to the wall sculptures but also hints at their eco-friendly credentials.

According to the designers, the base of the busts was created from a mold made from original clay sculpture, thus providing the design with solidity. This compact form was further ‘refined’ and modified by a multi-step process involving the integration of layers of paper mache. Finally, the bust sculpture was topped off by an outermost layer of white paper printed in French (one of the official languages of Haiti).

Restoration Hardware explained regarding the painstaking process of crafting the animal busts:

This item is handcrafted with meticulous care. Given its hand-finished nature and the natural variations in recycled materials, each item is unique and no two will be exactly alike.

So, at the end of the day, the scope of the paper mache animal busts is not only about recycling, but also alludes to the artistic achievement made possible by some cool techniques and efficient craftsmanship.

Price of the elephant bust – from $99 to $179 (depending upon the size). Jump over to the designer website for more details on other animal busts and their pricing.

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