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Halloween lights synched to Watch Me by Silento at Odenton house

There are many ways to get in the spirit of Halloween. Some decorate their house in the most ghoulish way, while the others like Bryan Hagan convert their house into a light show playing some of the hip tracks. The owners of Maryland house in Odenton is renowned for holiday light shows and extensive display of art every year.

The owners of the house on Ice Crystal Court in Odenton have been hosting light shows with carefully synchronized and choreographed light show for past 3 years. The show consists of many songs as well as some fun animations and information, but for this year it’s “Watch me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by Silento, a song that has more than 348 million views on YouTube.

The display runs everyday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. until October 31. Being considerate neighbours, they run the show without disturbing their locality. As they have synchronized with 98.5 FM, visitors can enjoy musical tracks in their respective cars. Thus, without creating any noise pollution, visitors can enjoy the light show while enjoying tracks in their cars.

Bryan and his family is also planning to come up with a Christmas light show this year with a helping hand from neighbors. But the hardest part is syncing light with music as even a 30-minute track takes more than eight hours of work.

But still, it’s only Hagan family who knows how much electricity bill they are paying for hosting such an extravagant light show every year. Here is the glimpse of the light show with the latest tracks of Silento.

Via: NPR

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